Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.
We accept applications on an as-needed basis and this website will always be the entry point to apply for the apprenticeship. We will post a notice on the front page announcing the dates that we are accepting applications, as well as instructions, and a link to the application starting point.
If you have 3 years’ experience or more, and would like to skip the apprenticeship, head over to the Local 469 website UA Local 469 and click on the appropriate link. If you have prior experience but still want to go through the apprenticeship, apply to the apprenticeship when we are taking applications and we’ll discuss your experience when you get to the interview phase.

The apprenticeship program at the Arizona Pipe Trades Apprenticeship is a five-year, state registered, apprenticeship program in plumbing, pipefitting, and HVAC technology. This is an earn-while-you-learn program where you will be placed on a job, under the supervision of a qualified journeyman, as well as taking a variety of trade related classes at our Training Center.

A trade union is an association of workers and signatory contractors where both entities are protected by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The CBA offers protection to workers from unfair labor practices and assures a minimum pay scale that the contractor can pay. The CBA guarantees the contractor a steady supply of high quality, well trained, professional tradespeople to use on their construction projects. The benefit to being in a trade union is excellent wages, health insurance, pension plans, the highest level of jobsite safety, and mutually agreed upon working conditions. The responsibility of belonging to a trade union is to provide excellent, high quality labor to our contractors by completing required training, having stellar attendance, and acting with the utmost professionalism at all times.

The weld lab is open Monday – Thursday 7:00 am to 8:30 pm.

Friday 7:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The Local 469 website, by logging in, navigating to Member Information, and clicking on the corresponding link that you are inquiring about. You will find Skills, Hours, Job History, Schedules, Transcript, and you will have the ability to pay Union Dues and Training Center deposits as well. Member Information | UA Local 469
Course Catalog Most Journeyman upgrade classes are held over the Summer, from May Through July. However, due to Contractor needs, we will schedule dates as needed during the Apprentice semester. The Course Catalog will be the sole source to find the info and register.

Welding (all), Rigging & Signaling, Foreman, Instrumentation, & EPA. Any certification issued by the UA will be managed and recorded in the UAnet database and the Local 469 database as well. Please email Lisa for specific questions about these.

PVC, Soldering, Brazing, MedGas Brazing, IR Fusion, PPR Fusion, Backflow, 1st Aid/CPR. Please call (480) 966-0377 to sign up for classes or visit

Usually held on the second Saturday of each month. This info, along with any deviations, is available under the Upgrade Classes tab.

Only for Orbital recertification so we can prepare your paperwork. To sign up please click: Member Information | UA Local 469

Yes, please! This is the preferred way, as the Training Center, the UA, and your contractor are all aware of your certification status when regularly maintained. Every contractor has folks who are authorized to sign Continuity forms, both for UA and P.I.P.E. certs. Access these forms under the JAC Documents.

You must show competency in the process of which you want to test. You will need a signed form by Training Center staff, obtained by welding out completely 3 test-quality coupons. Once obtained, you will need to hand it in at the Training Center front lobby window by 12:00 pm (Noon) on the Friday prior to the test date so we can prepare your paperwork. UA Weld Tests are held on the Continuity Saturdays for all member on a first come, first served basis until booths are full.

Apprenticeship Applications

Arizona Pipe Trades Apprenticeship is not accepting applications at the moment.